7 best presets for your travel photos in 2022

7 best presets for your travel photos in 2022

If you are a blogger, an Instagrammer, you are probably aware of the difficulty of taking perfect photos in natural lighting conditions. It never goes as planned.
O momento mais feliz de uma vida humana é a partida para uma terra desconhecida.

Richard Burton

Lightroom mobile is an application for your smartphones that allows you to retouch and improve your photos in 1 click. Thanks to presets made by professional photographers, your photos will be improved in 1 click. The Lightroom Mobile application, in addition to being free, allows you to adjust the presets on your photos. You have total freedom to achieve the best retouching in a few clicks.

If you are a blogger, an Instagrammer, you are probably aware of the difficulty of taking perfect photos in natural lighting conditions. It never goes as planned. We offer you a selection of 7 lightroom mobile presets for your travel photos. These presets are made by professional photographers.

 1) 2021 Mega Collection (+100 presets)

2021 Mega Collection (+100 presets)
This lightroom presets pack contains more than +100 presets for your photos. You prepare a road trip and you wish to have the most presets to be quiet and to be able to retouch all the types of photos ? This preset pack is perfect for you. Regrouping 16 presets packs lightroom mobile, all types of photos can be edited.

2) Travel Lightroom Presets

This 5-pack of presets is ideal for all your nature travel photos. Ideal for landscape, panoramic, urban and more. One of our favorite packs
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3) Tropico Lightroom Presets

In love with the forest ? Of the Jungle ? This pack is for you ! These green colors will improve your photos in 1 CLICK. Only condition, have some green in your photos.

4) Food Lightroom Presets

Do you like gastronomy ? On vacation you love to take pictures of your food ? This pack of lightroom presets is ideal for you. Designed to adapt to all types of food photos, your photos will be sublimated in one click.
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5) Santorini Lightroom Presets

You are planning to go to Greece ? What could be better than a lightroom preset to enhance and improve your souvenir photos !

6) Morocco Lightroom Presets

Lovers of Morocco, this pack of lightroom presets will beautify your photos. Markets, city, museums, architecture, this pack of presets lightroom mobile adapts to all your photos.

7) Bali Lightroom Presets

This pack of lightroom mobile presets includes 5 presets to automate your photos and enhance them in seconds. It fits perfectly with your souvenir photos in Bali !
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To finish this article, we recommend that you take the time to edit your photos. This is an essential step before publishing your photos on social networks. Sit back, use lightroom presets and adjust some settings to get the perfect colorimetry.

We wish you good luck and have a nice trip !

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